We urge all motor sports participants to closely examine the extent to which a fire suppression system manufacturer has distinguished itself by responding to the need for environmental and driver safety, while maintaining a continued commitment to innovative engineering and superior performance. The decision as to which type of fire suppression system to install on a race car should be made with consideration to several important facts related to the safety of both the driver and the environment.


The system must be capable of not only extinguishing a fire quickly, but doing so without the possibility of physical harm to the driver due to the inhalation of a toxic and potentially deadly substance. Even today, many race cars still carry Halon 1301 or 1211 on-board fire protection.

Although various motor sports sanctioning bodies still accept the use of Halon, this does not alter the fact that Halon 1301, and Halon 1211, and some other gaseous agents are potentially harmful to humans, particularly when discharged in a confined occupied space such as a race car cockpit!


Halon 1301 and 1211 will never again be produced in the developed nations of the world. Why? Because of their potential to destroy the Earth’s ozone layer. Although an essential use of Halon may be exempted from the ban, the need for environmentally safe and effective on-board fire suppression systems has become critical.

We, at FIREFOX Industries, are proud to make available to the motor sports community a complete line of on board fire suppression systems, which satisfy the need for environmentally safe and effective fire suppression.


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